So, you want to join the Lab ?

The lab is splited in two different places

One working place at Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden)
One working place at the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers (Paris, France)


I am always looking for highly motivated and talented post-docs to apply to work within the lab. Sometimes I may have my funding available. I am also very happy to help develop and write post-doctoral fellowship applications. Please contact me if you are interested.

Ph.D. Students:

Prospective Ph.D. students should think seriously about their decision. It is an extremely challenging and time consuming endeavor that often rewards (unfairly) those that are willing to sacrifice their personal time. At the same time, it is tremendously rewarding, allows you to pursue your interests, and can be done in a fashion that doesn't require a complete sacrifice of your family or personal life.

I am always looking for highly motivated and energetic students that are interested in basic questions that integrate biology and medicine in the field of oncology. I am happy to have Ph.D. students pursue their own research questions while providing lots of guidance.
Please contact me well in advance if you are interested in applying to join the lab.

For both laboratories in France and in Sweden, knowledge of French is not a prerequesite, knowledge of English is mandatory.

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