Welcome to the TP53 mutant web site

This new site will now host the UMD TP53 mutation database and related information on mutant TP53. Other sites (UMD.be or p53.free.fr) will not be updated.

The following datasets, analytical tools and software are now available.

*The TP53 UMD mutation database in human cancer (2012 release). This novel release (35,000 mutations, 3,600 publications) has been highly curated using an original and novel statistical procedure (See Edlund et al. PNAS 2012).

TP53_DB_INVEST: The 2012 issue of the TP53 mutation database has been developed by using novel relational database software and is now provided as a stand-alone application with multiple tools to analyse various aspect of TP53 mutations. This application includes several options that allow analysis of the entire database.

*TP53MUTLOAD (MUTant Loss Of Activity Database), a novel database dedicated to detailed analysis of the properties of each TP53 mutant, ranging from transactivation to cell growth properties, change of conformation, localisation or various gains of functions. The database contains more than 110,000 different entries.

*TP53 Mut assessor, a novel stand-alone software available for both Windows and Mac users. Check your favourite TP53 mutants and get an instant identity card. Very useful to analyse any newly discovered TP53 mutants, as the software checks for every possible TP53 mutation.

*MUT-TP53 2.0, an accurate and powerful tool that automatically manages p53 mutations and generate tables ready for publication, decreasing the risk of typing errors. MUT-TP53 2.0 also provides specific information for each TP53 mutation, allowing the user to assess the quality of the data. Up to 500 TP53 mutations can be managed simultaneously.

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