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The 2012 issue of the TP53 mutation database has been developed by using a novel relational database software and is now provided as a stand-alone application with multiple tools to analyse various aspect of TP53 mutations. This application, TP53_DB_INVEST, includes two main options that allow either global analysis of the entire database or detailed analysis of a specific subset of the database chosen by the user.
B. Leroy and T Soussi Nucleic Acid Research in press

TP53_DB_INVEST includes the 2012 release of the TP53 mutation database


Up to 20 different types of database analysis can be performed. A graphic user interface allows rapid navigation between the various menus of the software. Results are shown in tabular and/or graphic displays. They can be saved in pdf format or as csv files for further analysis.

The various types of analysis are fully described in the 40-page manual with multiple examples

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